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Couples Oasis Society Las Vegas

Couples Oasis Society Las Vegas Swingers Club 

Couples Oasis Society Las Vegas is an online club for swinging couples only. The purpose of the club is to facilitate the organization of weekly private events that take place on the weekends. Couples Oasis Society swinger parties are for member couples only, however couples in Las Vegas and out of state are invited to become members. Since swinger clubs are slim pickings these days in Las Vegas most clubs have an open door policy that allows both couples and singles to enter the clubs. But not Couples Oasis Society. They tend to stick to the traditional club and allow couples only unless the couples sponsor a single friend and bring them along for the experience.

So Who Can Attend The Couples Oasis Society Swinger Club Events?

As stated before, only couples are allowed to attend the events that Couples Oasis Society holds. Since this is an online community, you have to register to join the Society and only registered members are allowed at any of the events. This helps to keep the Las Vegas swingers club safe and fun for all. If a couple has a single friend they want to bring along, they have to sponsor that person first. Make sure that the person you sponsor can act accordingly. If they have to be removed for disorderly conduct, you may lose your membership as well. You must of course be 21 years of age or older to join the society and attend their events.

Local Las Vegas Swingers and out-of-town swingers are welcomed to attend the events as long as you hole a membership or have been sponsored by another couple. The society has strict rules to follow in order for everyone to have a great time. The main rule that they pay attention to is "No Means No". That rule is to be respected and valued at all times.

If you'd like more information on the Couples Oasis Society, you can go to the end of the page to retrieve their contact info.

Images from the Las Vegas Swingers Club Couples Oasis Society

Dance floor at the Coules Oasis Society
Dance floor at the Couples Oasis Society
The Group Room
Group Room at the Couples Oasis Society
1 of 2 Private Rooms
Private Room
2 of 2 Private Rooms
2nd private room

Membership requirements include being in a committed relationship or married and being 21 years or older.

  BUSINESS NAME Couples Oasis Society Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
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  CITY Las Vegas
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