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Title: Dreamcars Las Vegas  
Review by Angela
  Over a month in advance and confirming the week before - Dream Cars calls me 2 hours before pick up and tell me they will not have my Porche rental. They knew when the reservation was made and confirmed that the rental was a surprise birthday gift. The representative's rude attitude of total disregard of the situation wants me to do everything possible that no one rents from this company in the future!

Title: Save yourself the trouble  
Review by Mick
  They guys were awful. First car they gave me was a piece of junk. I rented the Ferrari 355 and a few miles after I got the car and while driving down Las Vegas Blvd, the inside door panel fell into my lap. So I called and they said bring it back. Waited for over an hour for them to swap us for another one. They also dont tell you until after you have done your paperwork that the Air Conditioner has been disabled. They said this was to keep the car from overheating. Well it was only 106 degrees that day so I didnt mind too much, because I felt like cooking my butt on their cracked leather seats. But these were only the minor things. A few weeks later I received a $4200 invoice from them, stating that I damaged the vehicle during the rental. They claimed their was body damage to the car. Which was not true. The problem was the estimate that had given me was dated 2 weeks prior to my rental. They kept sending me a letters and then finally turned it over to a collection agency. The only thing that saved my credit was that the person that was with me the whole time we rented the car was a FBI agent that vouched that the car was not damaged while in my posession. These guys are crooks, dishonest, and very unprofessional. Would not recommend them to anyone. Beware.

Title: G.M.  
Review by Ted
  Just wanted to address some of the issues of renting an exotic car.Renters need to understand a few differences from a regular rental car agency and one who rents classics,exotics,and luxury cars.The main difference is the number of cars in their fleets and also the number of models they may have. Where as a Hertz may have a 200 car fleet with several of the same or similar cars available a specialty rental operation may have a much smaller fleet with one of each model.
Unfortunately some people treat the cars as rentals and not their own which leads to the cars not available for the next customer.
We here at Dream Car admit we are not perfect but we have been in business for over 10 years and strive to make your Dream Car Rental a happy One!You can't make all of the people happy all of the time but I promise to try.

Thank You,
Ted Stevens G.M.

Title: Disappointing  
Review by alice
  Rented the AC Cobra for my partners birthday. Do not hire this car!
First problem was with the charges - the insurance charges on their website were way under what we ended up paying, as was the deposit (according to the website, double the rental cost, approx $550) but were ended up having to pay an $800 deposit.

We knew this was an old car & was bound to have some issues but expected it to be road-safe at the least! The brakes were virtually non-existent, the lights did not function properly, parts fell off etc. After taking it back after just one hour, we then had to argue for a fair while with the representative to get a replacement car which we couldn't get until the day after.

The next day, we were offered the Dodge Viper which was a fantastic car, despite the air con & stereo connections being cut (by dream car rentals). Upon leaving the rental location, we were told we had the car for 5 hours from leaving (1.30pm). We returned just under 5 hours later (6.15pm) & were told immediately that the manager needed to speak to us. We were informed that an additional charge would be put on our cards due to us arriving after 6pm (??) Again, after an unhelpful conversation & raised voices, she dropped the additional charges - claiming rather rudely that she was doing us a favour & we should be grateful.

I found the attitude of the staff extremely rude (especially after they had taken our credit card details) & what should've been a fantastic experience was tainted by the staff's rudeness & unhelpful attitude toward us.

Definatly NOT dream car rentals, more like a nightmare....

Review by Kevin
  I made a reservation on line after getting details on how to rent a super car, Dodge Viper SRT-10 for my fiance, over the phone. When we arrived, our 'dream car' was ready for us. We were given ideas of places to drive to, and just in case we rented their GPS too. So simple to use! We drove to Red Rock, Hoover Dam and Valley of Fire! Even stuck in traffic I knew my Honey and I were lookin' good! The SRT-10 was so sweet, we extended another day and sailed up to Zion in Utah. Cruizing in Vegas in a sweet ride sure beats rain and shoveling snow any day!Everyone was great. Highly recommend this place for great wheels!
Thanks Dream Car, you make our dream come true!
Lois and Jerry

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