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Title: Stay Away!  
Review by Dave
  Here's the facts...
Was quoted a rental rate and the mandatory insurance provisions before I arrived in LasVegas. Was told on two occassions about their mandatory full coverage insurance (including collision) while reserving the $240,000 Lamborghini Gallardo. Sounds good to me I wanted their insurance. At the time of the rental, no insurance documentation is provided but I am assured of their mandatory full coverage (they even charged me for it). I take the car. 2hrs later, someone backs into us at the Hoover Dam scenic overlook parkinglot. They assure me all is well and that I am insured. The moment they find out that the driver who hit us is uninsured... they charge the full deposit, loss of use rental charges, and threaten to personally charge us with the $14,000 in damages. A local Lamborghini Dealer examined numerous pictures/angles of the damage and quoted me $600 - $1,200 if the body wasn't penetrated and $3,500 for a whole new rear drivers fender. This company is holding my credit card hostage essentially and also added approximately 200miles to my final bill (yes, they altered the original signed rental agreement) resulting in approx $330 in additional charges.

In the process of pursuing the recovery of false charges and a lawsuit against this company. You're better off dealing with someone like "Rent-A-Vette" who is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Title: Crooks  
Review by Suzanne
  I rented the Lotus Elise with a girlfriend. The rental agent, Gina I think her name was, showed up at my hotel with the Lotus. We were waiting out front when she pulled up almost half an hour late with the transmission screetching and the car jerking to a halt. Not sure if she knew how to drive a stick and her appearance was less than desirable. My girlfriend and I thought the car might be stolen as this girl looked like she had just crawled out of a dumpster.

I read the other reviews concerning insurance. The agent also explained the full insurance coverage but didn't provide any insurance brochures. We took the car anyhow without incident.

A week after leaving Las Vegas my credit card had some unexpected charges. We had returned the car about ten minutes after the rental period and we were charged a full hour which was totally inappropriate considering this chick was half an hour late to begin with. There was also approximately 80miles extra tacked onto the charges.

This company seems pretty bad and dishonest. It was a mistake to rent through them and I wish I had read the reviews prior to renting.

Title: EXCELLENT!!!!!!  
Review by sharon
  read the 2 reviews & I have to disagree w/this Suzanne. Suzanne sounds like she was more concerned w/the appearane of the rep rather than the car. Were you expecting exotic car or girl? I rent from them about 4 - 5 times a year & they're great! On time everytime & very knowledgeable about the cars & LV area. I rented the Lotus once & if you've ever driven one, you'd look like you just crawled out of the dumpster too. Why would you take a car if you felt it was stolen? I've bought the ins (Travel Gaurd & its a primary ins w/collision) & recieved the insurance policy & info via email confirmation & never had any problems. If anything, take a look at some of the other companies like Diplomat or 702 & in their policies it states that they REQUIRE international drivers to purchase their supplemental insurance & the guys Bill or Rick at Rent A Vette are extremely rude & sound like you're bothering them by calling. Wont rent from anyone else as long as they're in business.

Users have given a average rating of 4.7 / 10