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Red Rooster

Red Rooster

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Title: Completely Dead and Rude Owner  
Review by a
  We were in Las Vegas recently and thought that we should try out the legendary Red Rooster. It was a Monday night but, heck, it's Vegas right? We took a cab from our hotel and got there around 10:30. We walked in and the place was DEAD. There was the owner, Chris, the bartender, one couple and about 4 single guys milling about. We went ahead and went in and got the tour from the bartender. From a swingers club standpoint, it was pretty cool with nice rooms but the upstairs area is closed during the week. We sat around for while and drank while my wife (who is smokin' hot and all dressed up) was the center of all attention. We played some pool while talking to one single guy and another creepy single sort of lurked into the shadows to watch her. We put some music on the jukebox instead of the crap from what sounded like the 40's playing on the intercom system. We hung out for another hour and another couple showed up and promptly went into the pool. More single guys showed (and that's not our thing, we wanted ladies or couples) so we decided to head out. On the way out, the other owner, Mike, became somewhat belligerent talking to us and accused me of being insecure and not letting my wife show the single guys a good time. Mike knows nothing about us and what we do and don't do and if he did, he would know it's just not our thing most of which has nothing to do with me. He kept going on his rant and we walked out the door with no plans to ever return - if only due to the ownership.

Title: Outstanding Time!!!  
Review by Tom
  I am not sure if the previous reviewer had bad pizza or what. The last time I was in Vegas, I visited the "REAL" Red Rooster and had a blast. The owners are great people and very friendly. I had a chance to meet a great couple that I spent a lot of "quality" time with. We were eventually joined by a very pretty and friendly girl that chose to partake. It was clearly fantasy fulfillment time. We still communicate and I hope we can all meet again when I come out there next.
You can make it what you want. You can either stand on the wall and complain about not having fun, or you can talk to people, make friends and have a lot of fun.
I plan on visiting the Red Rooster again on my next visit during CES in early January 2009.
Thanks Mike and Chris for a great time and I hope to talk to you soon.


Title: Great Time  
Review by Tom
  The other review must have been done by someone that probably didnt take a shower before he showed up. Either that or he had some bad pizza.

I was at the Red Rooster the last time I was in VEgas and it was a blast. Mike, Chris and everyone was friendly and casual. I met a great couple that turned into an extremely erotic experience. I will be back in Vegas this Wednesday and am planning on returning to the Red Rooster again.

It is what you make of it. If you choose to be wall flower that is where you will be all night. If you treat someone with disrespect and cant take no for an answer, you wont have a good time either.

See Ya Soon,


Users have given a average rating of 7.3 / 10