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Red Rooster Las Vegas Swingers Club


About The Red Rooster Las Vegas

Vegas' Red Rooster Swinger Club is the oldest and most well known lifestyle party for couples and singles. The Red Rooster has an ongoing calendar of special themed events, and there are parties 7 nights a week in addition to these.

The average age of person's who attend Red Rooster parties are between the ages of 30 to 50. They ask that you at least be the age of 25 to attend any of the events at the Red Rooster. They try to keep the environment safe and fun for everyone which is why they have strict rules in place. Since this is a swingers club and they throw nightly sex parties, they expect everyone to follw the rules to keep the fun flowing.  Women who attend the functions have the option of being fully nude while on the premises, but the guys have to at least wear a towel with exceptions in the pool and in the group room and at special naked night parties. "No" is something that has to be, and will be respected for both men and women or you will be removed from the club and never allowed to return. There's nothing wrong with getting to know someone at the parties and possibly taking the meeting further. But each party has to be willing to participate.

All and all, The Red Rooster is a place to indulge in your sexual ventures and have a great time while doing it. Just because it's a sex club does not mean that you're always entitled to the attendees.

Red Rooster Las Vegas Events

Pictures of Vegas Red Rooster

As mentioned above, The Vegas Red Rooster has nightly parties at their local sex club with special events scheduled throughout the year. For the most part, the Las Vegas swinger club keeps it nice and simple, but every now and then The Las Vegas Rooster likes to turn up the heat and fun with special events with special rules that differ from the normal ones. This allows them to mix it up a little to where the participants of the club have special things to look forward to. Even though it is a sex club, even the same thing night after night can become a bit boring and routine. Here are some of the events that happen throughout the year:

Red Rooster Hot Tub Party

The Hot Tub Party is a weekly Red Rooster club event that happens every Sunday during football season. The big game is always on the big screen, and skinny dipping is encouraged. The dress code for these weekly events is strictly enforced. Men and women must wear their swim suits or less, or just wear your birthday suit! This is a BYOB event. Just make sure you check all alcoholic beverages at the bar, and if you're bringing beer, please bring cans and not glass bottles.

Red Rooster Hawaiian Luau Night

Take a trip to the tropical island of Hawaii without ever leaving Las Vegas! This Red Rooster event happens once a year. Grass skirts and Hawaiian prints are encouraged, but topless or nothing on under you grass skirt posses no problem. Free Lei's all around while supplies last. Having some sexual fun and getting to know others is highly recommended.

Red Rooster Naked and Naughty Party

Get naked is the theme of this Las Vegas Red Rooster swinger club. It's quickly becoming one of the sex club's most popular parties and the numbers continue to grow. This party is an exception to the male nudity rule. This party encourages the men to be completely naked while the women dress in Lingerie or less. The Naked and Naughty sex party happens three times a year. You can check with the Vegas Red Rooster to find out which days the event takes place.


Red Rooster Jungle Party

This event wants you to let the lustful jungle beast out! Dress up as a sexy Tarzan or a seductive Jane, or any animal print you have and enter the Red Rooster jungle. Let the jungle lust take you on an erotic adventure with the Tarzan or Jane of your choice and watch the jungle sex take off! As the rules state, if a Tarzan or Jane does not want to swing from the same tree as you, it MUST be respected.

About The Red Rooster Owners

Owners of The Red Rooster in Las Vegas

Chris and Mike Borchers opened the doors to the Vegas Red Rooster in 1982. Since then, not only have they built a name and popularity for the Las Vegas swingers club, but they've also added over 11,000 square feet to the venue to add more features in order to increase the capacity and fun. Since then, The sex club has gained world-wide recognition and continues to be a popular destination for those who like to play on the swinger scene. Mike himself has reported that he's engaged in sex with over 11,000 women since the club was established and counting. Thought the Red Rooster has come this far, Many legal issues plagued the Las Vegas sex club as law enforcement carried out several raids in an attempt to shut the club down. But because the parties were carried out in their home, the law had little to no ground to stand on.

The club has continued to successfully operate with Mike and Chris at the helm. Its secluded location gives them the advantage of privacy and helps to keep random drunks and prostitutes from wondering on off the streets and tainting the overall vibe. The swingers couple says once you get into the lifestyle, you never want to go back, and encourage all couples that are curious to visit their establishment to see if the lifestyle is for you. They have an open door policy as long as you can enjoy yourself and others without breaking the rules.  

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  BUSINESS NAME Red Rooster Las Vegas Swingers Club
  ADDRESS 5010 Steptoe
Las Vegas, NV 89122
  PHONE 1 Click here to see phone number
  CITY Las Vegas
  ZIP 89122
  OPEN HOURS Mon-Thur 5pm-11pm
Fri-Sat 5pm-11:30pm
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