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Oct 16 2018

Art District Board Meeting

The 18b Las Vegas Arts District public board meeting was a lovely affair that included productive conversation AND PIZZA! ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 10/16/18

Oct 12 2018

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

LV.Net is a proud partner of LVAC. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 10/12/18

Oct 11 2018

Apocalypse Vegas

VP of Marketing and Sales, Mike Young pictured with a group of would-be survivors following the horribly delightful Dead City Las Vegas experience. 

Apocolypse Vegas: Dead City Vegas is an interactive haunted house located near downtown Las Vegas. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 10/11/18

Oct 6 2018

Season Champions At LVMS

Saturday nights in Vegas have never been more fun at the Speedway. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 10/06/18

Sep 29 2018

Every Brilliant Thing

Marcus Weiss (pictured) at the Cockroach Theater in the play "Every Brilliant Thing". ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/29/18

Sep 28 2018

Vegas Golden Knights vegasgoldenknights_520
Vegas Golden Knights game versus the Los Angeles Kings. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/28/18

Sep 27 2018

Nancy Williams Baker

Our neighbor Nancy Williams Baker of Williams Costume Co. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/27/18

Sep 25 2018

Zion National Park Utah

Few people know that some of the best skiing, hiking and adventure can be found just a couple hours drive outside of Las Vegas in the mountains of Utah. 

Zion National Park has a wide ranch of plants and wildlife and beautiful rock formations ranging in color from white to a rich orange hue. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/25/18

Sep 24 2018

Life is Beautiful lifeisbeautiful_520

Where`s Waldo? We saw plenty of them at the Life is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas. These particular festival goers decided to sample some of the fine cuisine offered at the festival. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/24/18

Sep 23 2018

Hannibal Buress Sighting

Hannibal Buress was spotted sampling some of RX Boiler Rooms tasty grub during the Life is Beautiful festival on Sunday. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/23/18

Sep 16 2018

LasVegas.Net: NASCAR Sunday lasvegasnetnascarsunday_520
Brad Keselowski (Ford #2) celebrating his victory at the South Point 400. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/16/18

Sep 15 2018

LasVegasNet NASCAR South Point 400

Our VP of Marketing, Mike Young with driver Stan Mullis moments before the green flag at the XFINITY race on South Point 400 weekend. 

The LasVegas.Net, TLC Resort #13 car.

...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/15/18

Sep 6 2018

LasVegasNet Bye-Bye Bandit

Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds passed away today of a heart attack. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/06/18

Aug 6 2018

LasVegas.Net: NSPCA Top Dog Bowling Tournament

LV.Net is a proud sponsor of the Nevada SPCA. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 08/06/18

Jun 19 2018

LasVegas.Net Blog: NASCAR lasvegas.netblognascar_520
LasVegas.Net is proud to announce a new partnership with TLC Resorts and the #66 XFINITY Series Camaro. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 06/19/18

Aug 4 2017

LasVegas.Net Blog: First Friday lasvegas.netblogfirstfriday_520
LV.Net is proud to support First Friday. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 08/04/17

Jul 21 2017

LasVegas.Net Blog: REAL MMA

Lv.Net is a proud sponsor of REAL MMA. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 07/21/17

Dec 18 2015

Hometown heroes to headline opening night of The Las Vegas Arena ‬ Wayne Newton, the Killers and Shamir to headline opening night of Las Vegas' most anticipated new music venue - the Las Vegas Arena this coming April 6.  ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 12/18/15

Jun 18 2014

Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat

In the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage, people can see fascinating big cats close up in natural looking scenery and a tropical theme.  The animals frolic and relax in well-tended surroundings.  Rare lions, as well as tigers, and leopards can be seen.  Big cats in the Secret Garden often walk around.  They have impressive size and strength.  Visitors can find opportunities for pictures.  Many people think that the close up view of the animals is remarkable. ...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 06/18/14

May 20 2014

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway covers an area of 1,200 acres.  It is known to have one of the top tracks & facilities to spend time and enjoy scheduled events.  The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is 12 miles from Downtown Las Vegas.  It is convenient to reach by car, shuttle, monorail, or cab.  The complex also offers RV space.  Some events in 2014 held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway include NASCAR and Bullring events. ...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 05/20/14

Apr 21 2014

The Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo

Located within a short walk from the Las Vegas Strip, the Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo Las Vegas is a convenient break from the Stripís gaming action.  Many visitors find the Wildlife Habitat a peaceful, stress-free place to visit close to the Strip.  A trip to the Wildlife Habitat can take as little as 15 minutes.  The path travels along winding paths among streams with light colored rocks and small waterfalls.  There are spots to sit and watch exotic wildlife, including turtles, koi, ducks, pelicans, parrots, and pink flamingos.  Hundreds of birds inhabit the subtropical environment of the Wildlife Habitat.  At certain times of day, visitors have the opportunity to watch staff feed the animals.  There can be opportunities to take pictures in the subtropical surroundings of trees and vegetation while enjoying the scenery of exotic fish and wildlife.  The Flamingoís Paradise Garden Buffet also has some views of the Wildlife Habitat area.

...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 04/21/14

Mar 10 2014

Guided Bike Tours By Escape Adventures (Las Vegas)

Guided bike tours through the trails of Red Rock Canyon provided by Escape Adventures furnishes Las Vegas visitors with recreation options away from the gaming environment of the main Strip area. ...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 03/10/14

Feb 17 2014

Vegas Vic

The Vegas Vic sign is one of Downtown Las Vegasís most well-known marquees which over its years has also been a symbol of Downtown Las Vegasís notable, long-term legacy.  This memorable sign has appeared in a number of older movies.  It has been an exemplar of vintage ďold Las VegasĒ.  The concept of Vegas Vicís character was originally created for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to develop local tourism.  Young Electric Sign Company then used Vegas Vic to create a neon sign promoting Pioneer Club Casino located on Fremont Street.  The neon signís first use was in 1951 when it was installed on Pioneer Club Casinoís faÁade.  The original sign featured a moving arm, as well as an audio greeting welcoming guests to Downtown Las Vegas.  It weighed around 6 tons and was 40 feet tall. 

There have been some changes to Vegas Vic and the Casino throughout the past decades.  In the 1990s when Fremont Street Experienceís dome was installed, Vegas Vicís hat was too large to fit inside.  The hat was trimmed in order to compensate.  When Fremont Street Experience opened as an attraction in the 1990s, the Pioneer Club Casino became a souvenir shop.  Vegas Vic remained, however, and it was later refurbished in 2000.

This included changing its neon, which also introduced a new type of look.  Vegas Vicís audio greeting had been considered unpleasant by some.  Its greeting was removed, only to be reinstalled again in later years.  The sign currently does not employ a sound feature that greets guests.  The moving feature of Vegas Vicís arm was also eventually discontinued, and the signís arm was placed in a stationary position.  However, because Vegas Vicís moving arm had operated for many years, this hallmark still remains a famous historical feature of the marquee.

The famous Vegas Vic sign is certainly a must-see, enduring feature of Downtown Las Vegas.  It adds to the overall appeal of Fremont Street Experience, and is a worthwhile reason to visit Downtown Las Vegas for those who have never seen this lasting, authentic symbol of old Las Vegas.

...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 02/17/14

Feb 13 2014

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The ďWelcome to Fabulous Las VegasĒ sign is one of the Cityís most recognizable, longstanding markers. ...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 02/13/14

Feb 11 2014

Shows at Fashion Show Mall

Fashion Show Mall holds special shows throughout the year commemorating a number of holidays. ...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 02/11/14

Feb 5 2014

Silverton Casino & Hotel Aquarium

Silverton Casino & Hotelís impressive salt water aquarium provides entertainment for all ages.  It features a 117,000 gallon capacity.  Mermaids interact with visitors from inside the aquarium at different times depending on the day of the week.  Mermaids swim in a one-finned costume, smiling and waiving to children while underwater in the aquarium, creating delightful shapes with effervescent air.  They also perform various acrobatics to enchant their audiences.  Guests can see the mermaid athletes perform backwards somersaults and spins.  The aquarium is salt water and displays countless tropical fish, as well as sharks, stingrays, and eels.  It displays over 4,000 exotic fish and sea creatures.  Occasionally, divers feed the stingrays providing guests with an opportunity to watch and enjoy the show.  Sometimes there are several mermaids that perform combined synchronized movements.  The aquarium at Silverton Casino & Hotel is an opportunity for all ages to enjoy the sights and amusements. 

...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 02/05/14

Feb 3 2014

The Volcano

The Volcano at The Mirage is one of Las Vegasís classic, must-see attractions.  It draws visitors nightly for an incredible show.  Every hour at nightfall mists, jetting water, flames, and powerful lighting effects create the illusion of a smoldering volcano flowing with streams of bright red and orange magma surrounded by bursts of flames.  The show develops with complex musical percussion featuring a multiform of drums.  Chorusing sounds enhance the fantasy pyroclastic experience. 

At first the rocky volcano is revealed with white lighting.  Then the white lights go out, and the show begins.  There is a pattern of mist illuminated by bright colored lights at the core.  The appearance of active molten rock, with flashes of intense yellow, red, and orange colors takes shape.  The mist rises higher and falls at times.  An impression of high temperatures and rising lava blobs evolves, as well as lava flows traveling down the side of the volcano into the water below, casting off a smoky-looking mist in the process.  These effects become more intense and include bursts of flames.  The percussion begins to quicken as the show progresses.  Bursts of fire come from the volcano, on its sides, and from dozens of points in the watery area below.  There is an intense ending before the show goes dark.

...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 02/03/14

Jan 28 2014

The Roller Coaster

The Roller Coaster at New York New York Hotel & Casino is an icon.  The ride is known to be thrilling with good views of the Las Vegas Strip area.   It features a 144 foot drop.  The roller coaster train is designed in the image of a taxi cab, and travels at speeds of up to 67 miles per hour.  The cars loop, drop, and make upside down turns over the Las Vegas Strip and the main hotel building.  The Roller Coaster takes a little less than 3 minutes to complete.  Some consider the ride more rugged than expected.  The hotelís rooms are in buildings designed in the image of New York City landmarks.  

...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 01/28/14

Jan 22 2014

Luxor Sky Beam


The Luxor Sky Beam is one of Las Vegasís most recognizable and prominent features.  When it was originally constructed on the Luxor property, there were issues that needed to be addressed involving the power supply, electrical controls, and managing heat produced by the lights. ...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 01/22/14

Oct 10 2013

Fountain Show...Bellagio

The fountains are nestled in an acre-long scenic pool within sparkling waters in front of the hotel.  It entertains viewers with motions and artistry, projecting streams of water to amazing heights.  The show is complemented with music playing in the background.  The musical styles vary.  Everything from classical sounding music to popular styles can be heard.  The fountains perform in afternoons and evenings.  They can be seen from the sidewalk in front of the hotel.  The show is also visible from other off premises areas as well.  If someone has never seen these fountains before, it is definitely worth a visit.

...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 10/10/13

Oct 18 2010

Brad Garrett's New Las Vegas Comedy Club

rad Garrett gained our attention on the hit nationwide television show, "Everybody Loves Raymond", as the straight forward abnormally tall bigger brother of show star, Ray Ramono. ...Read More

Posted By Alexander Robinson III - 10/18/10

Sep 28 2010

Stripper 101 Las Vegas Show and Tickets

Stripper 101 Las Vegas pole dance class has quickly gained attention and popularity since its introduction. ...Read More

Posted By alexander Robinson III - 09/28/10

Sep 8 2010

Why See a Las Vegas Show?

Your Community Theater Show Isn't the Same

Okay, so you live in New York, home of Broadway.  You live in L.A., movie capitol of the world.  You live in London, stomping grounds of William Shakespeare.  You live in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and your community theater really did a great job with this year's production of "Annie, Get Your Gun."  Why would you want to spend a hundred and fifty dollars on a Las Vegas show?

Look here, Las Vegas is just the best place in the world to see a live spectacle.  I know other cities are more deeply tied to the history of show business, and have generated a lot of die-hard love over the years.  I know that big-name Hollywood stars wanting to get a little more serious go to Broadway, and New York actors who want to make a little more money go to Los Angeles.  And I know that Las Vegas is historically famous only for sequins, skin, and feathers.  All I have to say to that is:  The times, they have changed.

Las Vegas Shows are the Best in the World

Here's why:

Las Vegas show producers are blessed with the ability to pay their performers.  Anyone who thinks this is common is welcome to ask an actor.  Right now in theater communities all around the world, show people are gathering together, rehearsing constantly, and working their butts off, all hoping that the show will be a success and they'll have paychecks for a little while.  Well, Las Vegas can lure the sweetest musicians, the prettiest dancers, and the funniest comedians with its promise of year-round work and steady pay.  The difference is obvious.  Even the cheap shows here are great.  Sure, Las Vegas doesn't draw the big-name movie stars to act in its shows.  But do big-name movie stars make a show better?  Do you remember Val Kilmer as Moses in "The Ten Commandments: The Musical?"  How about Katie Holmes in... ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 09/08/10

Aug 6 2010

The Price is Right Live! Las Stage Show


Have your name called and COME ON DOWN! ...Read More

Posted By Alexander Robinson III - 08/06/10

Aug 5 2010

Tournament of Kings Las Vegas Show


The action, the anticipation, the edge of your seat experience. ...Read More

Posted By Alexander Robinson III - 08/05/10

Jul 30 2010

Cher Still Has it at 62


One look at Cher and you'll never guess that she was 62 years of age! ...Read More

Posted By Alexander Robinson III - 07/30/10

Jul 28 2010

Cirque Du Soleil O Las Vegas Show


"O" by Cirque Du Soleil is one of the most popular Cirque shows out there. ...Read More

Posted By Alexander Robinson - 07/28/10

Jul 28 2010

Fantasy Las Vegas Cabaret & Topless Show


Take the tradition of the Las Vegas show girl, and combine it with a seductive topless show, and you have the Las Vegas show, FANTASY. ...Read More

Posted By Alexander Robinson - 07/28/10

Jul 27 2010

Crazy Horse Paris Las Vegas Show


The Ladies of Crazy Horse Paris located inside of MGM Grand in Las Vegas has taken cabaret to another level. ...Read More

Posted By Alexander Robinson III - 07/27/10

Jul 27 2010

Chippendales Las Vegas Show


The men of Chippendales has burned up the scene for quit sometime now in Las Vegas. ...Read More

Posted By Alexander Robinson III - 07/27/10

Jul 26 2010

American Storm Las Vegas Show

The men of American Storm would like you to get caught up in their provocative weather system. ...Read More

Posted By Alexander - 07/26/10