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MGM Grand Nightlife

MGM Grand Nightlife Information

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MGM Grand Las Vegas Nightlife

The nightlife Vegas has never been so entertaining. MGM Grand Las Vegas hotel and casino delivers the ultimate Las Vegas nightlife experience with seven great choices of nightclubs and lounges to have the best time possible. Once you enter the MGM nightlife scene, you'll see a different part of Sin City that intoxicates you with non stop music, dancing, drinks and mingling. It doesn't matter if you come along, at the end of the night, you may have your company of choice. Like they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


MGM Las Vegas Lounges and Nightclubs

TABU Ultra Lounge

Las Vegas nightclub Tabu Ultra Lounge at MGM Grand

The TABU Lounge at the MGM Grand is one of the more popular Las Vegas nightlife hot spots. Celebrities, partygoers, and Dj's crowd themselves into the MGM Grand nightclub looking for an evening of non-stop entertainment and pleasure. You've never been to a Las Vegas hot spot like this. With interactive projections mesmerizing you with sensual projections, and sexy servers catering to your every need, its no wonder why the nightlife favorite carries the name, TABU.
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Studio 54

Studio 54 Las Vegas nightlife hot spot

Seems that MGM Grand has the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas to choose from, and Studio 54 adds to that argument. As a tribute to the original, Studio 54 has steppied in the modern day with a state-of-the-art sound system and chart topping music tha you can dance to all night long. The nightclub covers 22,000 square-feet of the MGM Grand giving it the floor spce to offer four dance, floors and bars, an area on the second floor for invited guests, and semi-private lounges that can accommodate up to 400 people at a time.

The Studio 54 of today takes high-end music and combines it with a wild party scene that would make the original 70's club proud.
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Centrifuge Las Vegas nightclub at MGM Grand

Come on in and take a load off. The Centrifuge is open for business. Have a round or two as you and gyour friends groove to the progressive beats of the Las Vegas bar.A metropolitan ultra-modern vibe flows through the bar as you sit and enjoy one of their signature fruit-based cocktails and check out the live Las Vegas scene.
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Zuri Las Vegas Bar and Lounge

This cool and laid back Las Vegas martini bar is a great place to have a drink or two in a comfortable, but hype setting. Grab a beer, order a vintage champagne, or try one of their infused vodka or bourbon drinks. If you love a good cigar, take a trip to their humidor and pick out the smoke of your choice. There's nothing better than a good drink and great cigar.
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Las vegas Latin dance party VIDA!

If you've ever been to Las Vegas mexican resturant, Diego, then you'll love the transformation that happens every Fridat and Saturday night. Diego goes from a great source of Mexican food, to a high energy Latin nightclub called VIDA! Latin Dj's keep the party hot as they spin today's hottest Latin music including reggaeton and spanish pop. The one that helps VID! stand out from the rest is their tableside cart service that brings the drinks to you and have it mixed for you right there on the spot.



Rouge Las vegas bar at MGM Grand

Rouge - The newest bar featured at the MGM Grand - shows a whole new shade of cool. The Las Vegas hot spot was designed the famed Adam Tihany and displays a towering wal of the best choices of alcohol. So slip and see what the buzz is all about over MGM Grand's newest watering hole. THe servers are sexy, and the signature cocltails with flavored ice cubes are to die for!


West Wing Bar

West Wing Bar at MGM Grand

The West Wing bar provides a secluded place to escape. Enjoy drinks before an evening of entertainment, or relax with a nightcap. Mix and mingle with artisanal cocktails in the intimate non-smoking lounge.

  BUSINESS NAME MGM Grand Nightlife
Las Vegas, NV
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