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MGM Grand Restaurants

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MGM Grand Las Vegas Restaurants

The Las Vegas restaurants at MGM Grand are some of the best dining choices you can make in Las Vegas. With over 18 choices to choose from, the MGM restaurants are categorized in fine dining, casual dining, and Cafes and quick eats. Each category of dining should more than satisfy any craving that you may have. The best is you don't have to venture away from your hotel to find some of the best dining in Las Vegas. All you have to do is leave your room, ride the elevator down to the main floor, and chose the dining experience you want to indulge in.


MGM Grand Fine Dining Las Vegas Restaurants

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon Las Vegas restaurant

Legendary French Chef, Joel Robuchon, is known worldwide as "Chef of the Century" due to his phenomenal dishes. He's now come out of retirement to open his first French restaurant in the United States. What better place to establish your first French restaurant than Las Vegas. His new Las Vegas restaurant caters to the more sophisticated crowds offering a menu full of his finer specialties. Robuchon takes pride in using only the finest ingredients when preparing his dishes. Because seating is limited in his restaurant, it helps to create a more intimate setting giving you a dining experience on a more relaxed level. If diners with reservations for the restaurant need transportation, Joel Robuchon offers complimentary limousine service to those who request it.
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L'atelier De Joel Robuchon

L'atelier De Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Yet another great dining establishment from world famous French Chef, Joel Robuchon. L'atelier De Joel Robuchon offers great French cuisine with an entertainment twist. You'll actually sit at the counter where your meals are prepared and watch your chef create your delightful meal right in front of your eyes. It's Las Vegas fine dining at its best! Enjoy a great wine menu with choices of different wines from all over the world. If you've never had French cuisine, L'atelier is a great first choice.
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CraftSteak Las Vegas steakhouse

Only the finest ingredients from small family farms and other specialty venues are used by, celebrity chef, Tom Colicchio, to prepare some of the most mouth watering food you'll ever have the privilege of eating. The award-winning chef is passionate about offering dishes on his menu that satisfies all lovers of fine cuisine. Yet again, Las Vegas fine dining is represented by world famous chefs that put there all into what they create. The chosen ingredients help to make every meal pop with savory flavor in every bite. Though the famous steakhouse is known for its mind blowing steak entrees, CraftSteak also offers a variety veal, salmon, and even some lobster dishes.
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Wolf Gang Puck Bar & Grill

Wolfgang Puck Pas Vegas restaurant & grill in Las Vegas

The Chef of all Chefs, Wolfgang Puck has blessed the food world with yet another great place to eat quality food. The world renowned chef combines the beachfront bistro with a classic American bar & grill to bring you Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill. Like any of his other restaurants, Wolfgang Puck wants you to have the best dining experience ever!
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Nobhill Tavern

Nobhill Tavern Las Vegas American restaurant

This modern American Tavern-style Las Vegas restaurant is a gathering place where you can get a classic cocktail. Located inside of the MGM grand, The Nobhill Tavern has wanted to make sure that your dining experience was one not to forget. That's why so much thought and effort has gone into the menu to satisfy your taste buds and impress you with their professionalism.
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Fiamma Trattoria & Bar

Fiamma Trattoria & Bar Las Vegas Italian cuisine

The modern Italian cuisine that Fiamma Trattoria & Bar brings to the table is unforgettable. The MGM Grand Las Vegas restaurant serves its cuisine in a sleek and sexy surrounding and offers a list of award-winning wines you can choose from all over the world. Don't forget to try their pasta based dishes created from fresh pasta prepared daily. After a wonderful meal head on over to the intimate Fiamma Fireside lounge. It's the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail before and/or after dinner.
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Seblue Las Vegas seafood restaurant at MGM Grand

The Ocean themed Las Vegas restaurant located inside the MGM Grand is the creation of, Michael Mina, a James Beard award-winning chef. The seafood-based restaurant has also been featured on the cover of, Wine Spectator. The innovative restaurant features two active kitchens where they prepare seafood, poultry, and meat over a wood fired grill. It truly is agreat dining experience.
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Shibuya Las Vegas Asian food restaurant at MGM Grand

Watch your meals prepared before your eyes! Take a journey to the Far East as your chef dazzles you while preparing a mouth-watering meal with only the freshest ingredients. While your orders are being prepared, enjoy some of the best sake that you'll ever taste this side of the Pacific. All of this is served in an airy and ambient setting creating the perfect dining experience.
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Pearl Chinese cuisine at MGM Grand in Las Vegas

This Chinese cuisine based restaurant carries an essence of the canton and Shanghai providences. Using only four methods to prepare dishes (steamed, braised, baked, and fried) Chef Kai-Wa-Yau creates some of the best Chinese entres you'll ever have the privilege of tasting. Because the seasons change, Chef Yau decided to change his menu as the seasons do. So enjoy your meal once you're seated in the serene and contemporary Chinese atmosphere.
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Diego Mexican resturant at MGM Grand

The MGM Grand has bought the Mexican countryside into a modern day setting. The MGM Grand based web site offers a bold Mexican menu that Diego has made completely his own. Using only the most honest ingredients, Diego boosts his authentic Mexican dishes with new twists to create new tastes for old favorites such as carne sada. Once you arrive, you have to make the choice of what impresses you the most, the food or the vibrant decor.
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MGM Grand Casual Dining Las Vegas Restaurants


World famous chef, Emeril Lagasse Las Vegas restaurant

You've seen him on television, you've read his famous books, and he's become a household name. Now America's most popular chef has brought a Las Vegas restaurant to the MGM Grand. Now you have the chance to sample of the world famous chef, Emeril Lagasse's, famous dishes. The Las Vegas based restaurant is sure to gain attention as so many American's follow and admire the work of Chef Emeril. Combine his awesome cuisine with his award-winning wine list, and you'll feel like you're dining in his own personal kitchen!
CLICK HERE for more information on Emeril's

The Grand Wok & Sushi Bar

THe Grand Wok & Sushi Bar at MGM Grand

This hybrid-style Las Vegas restaurant at MGM Grand combines the tastes of Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese food, and brings it all to you in some of the best Asian based dishes you'll ever taste! The sushi bar alone will be hard to break away from. The Grand Wok & Sushi Bar's sole purpose is to satisfy your cravings for Asian cuisine. The best part is you'll find something new and different every week! Truly one of the best choices for Asian dining in Las Vegas.
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MGM Grand Cafe & Quick Eats Las Vegas Restaurants

Studio Cafe

Studio cafe at MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Whether you're looking for a wonderful breakfast, a hearty lunch, or a stupendous dinner, Studio Cafe can make it happen. The MGM Grand cafe opens early, and stays open late to make sure that you have a warm home-style meal at any given time of the day.
CLICK HERE for more information on Studio Cafe

RainForest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe Las Vegas family restaurant

The Rainforest Cafe is a truly a family destination that everyone can enjoy! Part restaurant, part adventure, the cafe has created an environment filled with vegetation, lush waterfalls, and indigenous creatures to give an authentic rainforest experience. This a place the grownups and kids alike will truly enjoy.
CLICK HERE for more information on Rainforest Cafe


Wichcraft MGM sandwich shop in Las Vegas

If you are a sandwich lover, and you're looking for that mouth watering sandwich to sink your teeth into while staying at the MGM Grand, then you need to head on over to 'Wichcraft. Perfect for on the go, you can take your sandwich with you to the pool, back to your room, or on your trip back home and never miss a beat while satisfying your craving taste buds.
CLICK HERE for more information on'Wichcraft


Stage Deli

Stage Deli at MGM Grand

Invite you and your taste buds to a food performance that neither of you will ever forget! The classic American style deli has all of your classic deli favorites to choose from. The simple and easy meal deli is a perfect choice when you want to dine on something quick and tasty and avoid all of the fancy sit down restaurants that line the MGM Grand main floor. Indulge on some of your favorite American foods and satisfy your hunger all at the same time.
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Studio Wok

Studio Wok MGM Grand Chinese cuisine

If traditional Chinese cuisine is what you're looking for, then look no further than Studio Wok located inside of the MGM Grand. This Las Vegas Chinese restaurant serves all of your favorite tastes that we've grown to love here in America. The freshly prepared meals are sure to more than satisfy your hunger and cravings for good quality Chinese food. You're guaranteed to be satisfied with food that's just as tasty as it is fresh.
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Cabana Grill

Cabana Grill pool side restaurant at MGM Grand

During the hot summer days in Las Vegas, many love to hit the Las Vegas pools and enjoy a cool dip in the pool while catching a great golden tan from the natural sunrays. That doesn't mean you don't have hunger cravings. That's where Cabana Grill come is. The seasonal Las Vegas poolside restaurant and snack bar offers great breakfast entrees and wonderful lunch items so you won't have to travel far to find a great bit to eat. This way you have to walk through the MGM Grand lobby after taking a dip in the pool just to find a quality meal.
CLICK HERE for more information on Cabana Grill

MGM Grand Buffet

MGM Grand Las Vegas buffet

Las Vegas is very famous for its wide choice of affordable buffets. So why not have a quality buffet while staying at the MGM Grand? The all you can eat Las Vegas buffet is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since the doors opened to the MGM Grand buffet its popularity has soared through the roof! Many who stay at the Las Vegas hotel feel that it's the perfect choice for a fulfilling meal at an affordable price! So if you've tried other Las Vegas Buffets, then this is one not to miss.
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Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks Coffee Company is a Seattle based coffe shop in Las Vegas

Come and get a great gourmet cup of coffee that has taken the world by storm. Starbucks has set up shop on the MGM Grand main floor. The Seattle based coffee company has satisfied many customers for years creating a loyal return customer base that has spanned for years! Once you taste their undeniable coffees and teas, you'll understand why so many go back for more and why there seems to be one on almost every corner!

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