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Neon Museum

Museum for old Las Vegas Neon Signs

The World Famous Las Vegas Neon Museum

One of the only things that are more popular than Las Vegas itselfis the retired neon signs that once lite up the famous Las Vegas Strip. These signs were retired after their respected Hotels or businesses were shut down and torn down. But due their popularity and ability to attract on lookers, they've been placed in the neon museum on display to allow their legend to live on.

What is The Boneyard in Las Vegas?

Old Binion's Horseshoe neon sign Old Silver Slipper neon sign Old Stardust Las vegas neon sign Old Golden Nugget neon sign

So you want to know what The Boneyard is? It's a place where most of the world famous Las vVegas neon signs have their final resting place. Artists, students, historians, and designers a like grace the Boneyard with their presence bringing their fascination and respect along to study the vintage Vegas pieces. The 3-acre neon resting place features over 150 familiar Las Vegas signs of the past including The Stardust, Binion's Horseshoe, Caesars Palace, and the Silver Slipper. As Las Vegas continues to change and make room for the more modern businesses and hotels, we should all expect the Boneyard to continue its expansion as more neon legends will find themselves living out the rest of their days in the Neon Museum.

The Freemont Street Gallery

World famous Las Vegas neon refurbished neon signs are found at The Freemont Gallery, including the infamous Hacienda Horse and Rider that's been featured in many television shows and movies over the years. You can take a self guided tour of the 24 hour grounds that begins in front of the Neonopolis at Las Vegas Boulevard. The tour concludes at the end of the3rd Street cul-de-sac across the street from The Freemont Experience. Here are some of the famous Las Vegas neon signs that grace the Freemont Street Gallery:

The Red Barn neon sign The Red Barn
The famous Las Vegas neon sign dates back to the 1960's. A bar with the same name as the sign unfortunately burned to the ground, but the sign survived. It was restored by the Neon Museum and installed again in 2000.
The Freemont Hacienda Horse and Rider neon sign The Hacienda Horse and Rider
The Hacienda Horse and Rider was the very first neon sign retired to The Freemont Street Gallery. It was originally installed in 1967. Through a generous donation, the sign was restored and now sits at the intersection of The Freemont Street Experience and Las Vegas Boulevard.
Aladdin' Lamp Las Vegas neon sign Aladdin's Lamp
Originally installed in 1966, Aladdin's Lamp was the famous sign that represented the old Aladdin Hotel. It was officially added to the Neon Museum in 1997. It can now be found on the northwest corner of Freemont Street Experience and Las Vegas Boulevard.
Chief Court Hotel Las vegas neon sign Chief Court Hotel
One of the oldest signs in Las Vegas, the Chief Court Hotel was installed in 1940. The sign was refurbished and installed as a part of the Neon Museum in 1997. Now the sign can be found at the northeast corner of the Freemont Street Experience and 4th street.
The Flame Las Vegas neon sign The Flame
The old restaurant sign was installed in 1961. It also made its way to the famous Neon Museum in 1997 through a generous donation. It can now be found at the southeast corner of the Freemont Street Experience and Las Vegas Boulevard.

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