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Phoenix Arizona
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Phoenix Arizona

Information on Phoenix, Arizona

The Phoenix metropolitan area is also known as the Valley of the Sun and houses a population of over 4.3 million people spread out over many organized cities with individual governments. The city alone has over 1.6 million residents and was first incorporated in 1881. Additionally, the city of Phoenix is one of the ten largest cities in the United States and has seen explosive growth in the last decade.

Historically, Jobs in Phoenix have been relatively easy to find due to the continual growth of the private sector. The city houses hundreds of major businesses and employers from many different industries such as internet, medical, recreational, legal and engineering. While the current economy has slowed the job market down somewhat there are still people moving here everyday for Phoenix Jobs.

In addition to a historically active job market and work place, Phoenix is also a great place to play. Phoenix Golf Courses are known all around the world for their beautiful lush grass, exceptional design and stunning desert scenery. There are also museums such as the Arizona Science Museum, plays and other arts, local hiking, nearby camping, professional football, baseball and basketball teams as well as hundreds, even thousands of other things to do in Arizona.

Phoenix Weather can be hot in the summer but the real heat only lasts for a few months a year. For the remaining nine months you will find nice pleasant weather, with it rarely getting below freezing, even at night, in the winter and pleasant day time temperatures in both spring and fall. The weather is accommodating for those that like long days at the lake or in a swimming pool, and there are even multiple high quality ski resorts within only a few hours of the city for those snowbirds that love the mountains.

Phoenix, AZ is a great city to visit as well as a great city to live in so whether you are just looking for a little vacation and would like to compare some quality Phoenix Hotels for a week long stay (if you are make sure you check out our page devoted to Phoenix Coupons), or if you are looking for a whole new place to put down roots and buy some Arizona real estate, give us a chance.

  BUSINESS NAME Phoenix Arizona
Phoenix, AZ
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