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Sep 8 2010

Why See a Las Vegas Show?Posted By Tielman - 09/08/10

Your Community Theater Show Isn't the Same

Okay, so you live in New York, home of Broadway.  You live in L.A., movie capitol of the world.  You live in London, stomping grounds of William Shakespeare.  You live in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and your community theater really did a great job with this year's production of "Annie, Get Your Gun."  Why would you want to spend a hundred and fifty dollars on a Las Vegas show?

Look here, Las Vegas is just the best place in the world to see a live spectacle.  I know other cities are more deeply tied to the history of show business, and have generated a lot of die-hard love over the years.  I know that big-name Hollywood stars wanting to get a little more serious go to Broadway, and New York actors who want to make a little more money go to Los Angeles.  And I know that Las Vegas is historically famous only for sequins, skin, and feathers.  All I have to say to that is:  The times, they have changed.

Las Vegas Shows are the Best in the World

Here's why:

Las Vegas show producers are blessed with the ability to pay their performers.  Anyone who thinks this is common is welcome to ask an actor.  Right now in theater communities all around the world, show people are gathering together, rehearsing constantly, and working their butts off, all hoping that the show will be a success and they'll have paychecks for a little while.  Well, Las Vegas can lure the sweetest musicians, the prettiest dancers, and the funniest comedians with its promise of year-round work and steady pay.  The difference is obvious.  Even the cheap shows here are great.  Sure, Las Vegas doesn't draw the big-name movie stars to act in its shows.  But do big-name movie stars make a show better?  Do you remember Val Kilmer as Moses in "The Ten Commandments: The Musical?"  How about Katie Holmes in... that play she was in, a while back?  That's right, neither do I.

Here, the show is designed from the ground up.  Often, the theater will be built for the show, not the other way around.  Where else can you go to watch a tribute to the music of the Beatles in a hundred million dollar theater built for the purpose?  Where else can you sit in a seat embedded with three separate speakers and watch the stage resolve into hundreds of different shapes, only to enhance the music and the dancing?  In "O," the entire theater was designed to make the water show possible.  At the Venetian, see the Blue Man Group in a 1,760 seat theater built just for the Blue Man Group.  The difference is profound.  When the sets, the props, the costumes, the lights, the sound system, the stage, and even the seats the audience sits in were all professionally designed together to produce one experience, the result is immensely moving.

Las Vegas show producers have resources other theaters only dream about.  It's normal to see a prop and a costume on an actor that cost twenty-five thousand dollars together.  You think you'll be seeing a lot of that prop, only to have it disappear after thirty seconds.  "Did they just spend twenty five thousand dollars for an effect that didn't even last a full minute?"  You ask.  Yup.  They did.  In Las Vegas, the stage moves, the catwalks drip with trapezes, and oceans of fabric fill the room.  To see a show in Las Vegas is to see the best version of that show anywhere.  You haven't seen tension until you've seen a French-Canadian acrobat walking on her hands backwards towards a yawning cliff that seconds ago was a perfectly level stage.

If you've never been, come.  See the most spectacular shows in the world.  For a listing of all shows, try: .  You won't be disappointed.