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Wynn Weddings

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Weddings at the Wynn

All great service companies operate the same way: pay for their time, and let them worry about the details.

A young bride, not at the Wynn

That's an inviting way to play golf, go out to eat, or see a show. But in wedding planning, it's a big, big deal. Wedding horror stories emerge from the little things- the best man forgot the ring and the ceromony was delayed and the minister had to leave early, or the flowers were put in old water and all the guests could focus on was the awful smell wafting off of the floral arrangements. Details.

Thanks goodness for great service companies.

The Wynn staff is held to a very high standard. These are servicepeople well-trained, chewed out for failures, and well-compensated for success. Weddings at the Wynn are beautiful, intimate, personal, friendly, professional, and heart-moving events. Each new marriage party will get a personal wedding coordinator from the Wynn assigned to them. This person will become a concierge, handling everything: Discount hotel room bookings, dinner and show reservations, transportation logistics. Most wedding package come with a complimentary limousine trip from the airport to the courthouse.

The price tag for all this service is very high. Anyone looking to spend less will have to shoulder some of the details themselves, so it's up to each wedding party to decide how much they can handle, and how much of the load to lighten with cash. The most basic package offered by the Wynn starts at $1,190. It includes 30 minutes of chapel time, one bouquet and boutonniere, 30 minutes with a photographer, a minister, a DVD of the ceremony, and a certificate with holder.

The Wedding Salons (Chapels)


It is possible that the phrase "Vegas Wedding Chapel" has aquired some connotations like "cheap," "hasty," "drunken," or "ill-advised." Whether that is or is not a cause in the Wynn's naming of their marriage location, would only be a guess. Be that as it may, these are not "Chapels." These are "Salons."

Three salons of different sizes are open. Two are indoors, one is out. All three salons are located in one giant suite, but here's something fantastic about weddings at the Wynn: If a party is using one of the salons, the other two will be empty. Weddings will not have to mingle with other weddings before, during, or after the ceremony. An ample foyer, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and the location of choice will all be made available to just one group, no matter its size.

Each salon is equipped with three high-definition cameras, masked by the decor. If desired, no human intrusion is necessary on the bride, groom, and minister, and timeless photographs will still be produced.


The Lavender Salon

The Wynn Hotel's biggest wedding venue, the Lavender Salon will seat 120 guests. Intimacy is still preserved through soft, indirect lights and couches for all the family and friends. Decorated in carefully chosen, warm tones, the Lavender Salon showcases its peaceful floral motif in the carpet and the rose-printed panels that frame the bride and groom.

The Lilac Salon

Similiar to the Lavender Salon, The Lilac can accomodate up to 65 guests in a more intimate setting. All venues can be customized by flowers and drapery of any color, so the rooms are regularly transformed from one ceremony to the next.

The Primrose Court


Las Vegas benefits from sun 85 percent of the time; outdoor weddings suffer very little risk of rain. The prohibitive summer heat is warded off at the Primrose Courtyard by a canopy of trees and flowers. Up to 100 guests can enjoy the fresh air, whispering fountains, and padded bronze chairs flecked with golden undertones. In the unlikely event of inclement weather, both salons will of course be available.



The Floral Atelier at the Wynn is a team of dedicated, professional floral designers. They have created several different template themes with flowers from around the world, either to choose directly or to use as a jumping-off point of inspiration for a much more personalized floral arrangement.

The themes:

  • Romantic, Vintage, Opulent - Roses, Hydrangea, Gardenias, Lilacs, Tulips, herbs, and berries are combined with ribbons, pearls, and feathers.
  • Enchanted Jardin - Anemones, Ranunculus, Parrot Tulips, and Hyacinthus are ornamented by crystals, seashells, and mother of pearl.
  • Natural, Pure, Innocent - Sweet Peas, Lilly of the Vally, Narcissus, and Dahlias are composed in natural arrangements
  • Modern, Sophisticated, Chic - Cattaleya Orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Callas and Stephanotis are added to jewels and decorative elements.
  • Sensual and Exotic - Cymbidium Orchids, Chocolate Cosmos, Vanda Orchids, Solocia and Gloriosa Lilies are combined into exotic textures and colors.

Prices begin at $200 for bouquets, $30 for buitonnieres, and $1,560 for custom floral arches.


Guests of the hotel will have an easy time navigating the place, but all are welcome. Transportation can be arranged by a party's assigned wedding planner, or pieced tother from the many transport options available throughout Las Vegas. Maneuvering large groups through the Strip in one piece can be difficult, so it's best to assign that job to a best man or maid of honor with experience in leadership.

Food and Entertainment


Full-service, option-loaded catering is available to weddings of any size. Lunches start at $100, dinners at $150. Hors d'ouvres are priced case-by-case. Cocktails and snacks can be enjoyed right on the Primrose Courtyard, or in one of many other meeting facilities.

The Wynn's wedding planners will book a single DJ or a full orchestra if necessary. All a bride or groom has to do is let their entertainment desires be known and enjoy the party.

Full meals all include:

  • Premium bar
  • Carried hors d'oeuvres
  • Three courses
  • Wines chosen by sommelier
  • Wedding cake built by masters
  • Votive candles
  • Custom linens to match any theme



The day itself may come and go in a blur. Great photographs can influence a couple's memory of their big day as time goes by, making it seem sunnier, or darker, depending on the quality and experience of the photographer. Wedding photography at the Wynn is contracted only to professional artisans who thouroughly understand weddings, the Wynn's wedding facilities, and all the peculiarities of light.

Packages start at $575 for one hour and six 5X7 prints bound in a leather album. Each package provides two photographers. Every offer can be scaled up to accomodate the amount of desired coverage, even all day if necessary.

Each Wynn Wedding Salon in fitted with three high-definition digital video cameras. DVD's are made available after select ceremonies, and the event archived on high-quality digital tape.

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