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Letters from the Publisher

LasVegas.Net Magazine

On behalf of all of us at LasVegas.Net Magazine, I am incredibly excited to share with you our first issue and to announce the new look of our publication. We extend to you, our valued readers and advertisers, an invitation to our family.

Joining our publication will support your city with current news, insights, activities, and resources. Your ideas and suggestions will help us mold and shape every issue into something our community can be proud of. Our main goals are communication and results. Our publication will become an industry leader on cultural happenings, local conversation, night life, day life, community events, conventions, shows, sports, hot spots, shopping, trends and much more.

That is the first answer to why LasVegas.Net launched a new publication now. Las Vegas is a symbol for serious fun, no matter how rough times seem.

Our city has no shortage of interesting people, pets, wild events, wildlife and nature, charitable events, traditional celebrations, oddities and out-of-the-way places, and it`s even renowned for having the highest number of places of faith per-capita in the U.S. It all makes terrific topics of interest for readers and creates opportunities for advertisers. So, that`s another reason why we now publish LasVegas.Net Magazine.

LasVegas.Net Magazine readers are affluent and influential local professionals, families and visitors with impassioned personalities. They are active consumers of strong income and decision making which allows them the luxury of the best provision and care for their families. It is these families and consumers that LasVegas.Net has committed to serving since we first opened our doors in 1994. Our reputation as a longtime local organization fosters immediate trust with our readers, and is what sets us apart from other magazines. For more than 30 years the parent company LV.Net has dedicated ourselves to working diligently with each of our partners and clients to provide a distinct competitive advantage and allow them to capitalize on the best that Las Vegas has to offer. And along with every new issue comes a reaffirmation of our goal to raise the bar in order to create more effective, expansive and efficient solutions.

We look forward to welcoming you into the LasVegas.Net family!

Best Wishes,

Marty Mizrahi

LasVegas.Net Magazine
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