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Night Life

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Las Vegas!

Not everybody can be a Vegas high-roller and casino moguls are well aware of this - for this reason, many of the premier properties all across town offer endless ways to take advantage of their many fabulous amenities.

Partying like a weekend jetsetter doesn't have to cost you an entire month's salary.

If the itch to gamble like a celebrity with cards in your hand seems to strike you frequently, table games for as low as $1 per hand can be found at Ellis Island. If you like the atmosphere of downtown Las Vegas, table games there can be had for as low as $3. Drinks are free for players. There are even poker games that you can buy into at the MGM and many other properties on the strip, playing $1 and $2 No Limit with a $40-$200 cap. If you're not a poker player but have always wanted to learn, call your favorite casino and ask for their free table game seminars. They all have them, all are free, and the money is funny, but you can have a great time on someone else's dime.

Be "in the know" and sign up for a player's card. These reward cards give you steady perks for your time at the tables or machines, so while you're playing and having fun you're also earning a free dinner or souvenir for later. Great places to go and get these deals are the Wynn, Venetian, Bellagio and MGM properties, Caesars and Harrah's properties, and all the Station casinos. With your player's card you receive on average $1 per hour of play at the poker tables and machines or, depending on how much you risk, comped meals, merchandise, or even rooms.

It's definitely worthwhile to sign up for rewards if you want to enhance your good time gambling, dining, seeing shows, getting nice hotel rooms, or enjoying the various pools and amenities.

The aforementioned Ellis Island Casino & Brewery lies behind Bally's and is one of the most popular local joints in town. They have very affordable drinks, live karaoke and inexpensive food at the cafe. Many locals consider it one of the best kept secrets of Vegas, not too flashy, and a great place to spend a night with close friends.

If dancing is more your style you can always find live music at the Cleopatra Lounge in Caesar's Palace. The lounge at Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon also provides weekend tunes and there's always the house band at Margaritaville next to The Flamingo.

Whenever you're on the strip or in a casino, you can count on running into plenty of nightclub workers whose job it is to hand out discount flyers or even free passes for the numerous clubs around town. If you grab a couple of these passes and show up early to the club (early meaning around 9 or 10pm), free or discounted entry for you and your entourage is a virtual guarantee.

If you can't afford a table you can always drink at the bar and still have a good time or even club-hop.

An even better deal for Vegas residents is on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday nights, also known as Industry Night. These nights are tailored exclusively for locals and typically include free local entry and two-for-one discounted bottle service. Many times, if you're in a group of five girls or more, the bottle will be provided free of charge. This is a win-win for both you and the club - after all, where the ladies go, the guys do follow!

Clubs that typically support Industry Night are Tao at The Venetian, Wynn's Tryst, XS at Encore, Jet at The Mirage, Drais at Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon, Lavo at The Palazzo, Cathouse and LAX at The Luxor, Christian Audigier at T.I., Pure at Caesars Palace, and various other bars, clubs, and lounges.

If you are curious whether your favorite spot on the strip hosts Industry Nights, just give them a call.

If you happen to be one of the countless after hours employees whose shifts don't end until the wee hours of the morning, don't worry. Vegas has many late night clubs designed just for you and your friends. Places such as Drais at Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon, Penthouse Club, Krave outside Planet Hollywood, and many gentlemen's clubs around town keep the party going until well after the sun comes up.

A growing trend in town, heavily supported by the anti-club crowd, is the hookah lounge. For those who are unaware, the hookah is a Turkish water pipe that is used to smoke flavored tobacco - very much reminiscent of the caterpillar in Lewis Carroll's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Local hookah lounges such as Paymon's, Red and Almaza offer dark, elegant atmospheres free from the loud music and strobe lights that populate Strip nightclubs. All provide an extensive selection of beer and wine and serve food well into the evening hours. Vegas hookah lounges are a must for anyone searching for a unique and profoundly relaxing way to spend an evening.